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2024 New Year Party - Welcome new spring and new achievements

Theo thông lệ hàng năm, buổi tiệc tân niên đã diễn ra giữa Ban lãnh đạo công ty và các anh chị em CBCNV khối văn phòng trong không khí đầu xuân năm mới đầy niềm vui và ấm cúng.

2023 Year end party of Truong Thinh Corp Family

The recent year-end party was not only a meeting and entertainment for all employees of the Truong Thinh family, but also an opportunity for us to look back at the events that took place in the past year. along with difficulties, challenges and many new opportunities, completed projects and proud successes, this is also an opportunity to talk about Truong Thinh's plans and intentions in 2024.

Announcement Of Tet Holiday

As Tet approaches and spring approaches, we are determined to trying our best to improve even more in order to provide the highest quality products and services to our Customers and Partners.


The high-tech shrimp hatchery built in Hoa Thanh village, An Hai commune, Ninh Phuoc district, Ninh Thuan province includes 64 objects with a total construction area of nearly 13 hectares 

Applications of pre-engineered steel structures

Pre-engineered steel buildings are an extremely efficient way to deal with the issue of time constraints that prevent traditional construction methods from meeting the growing demand for housing, construction projects, civil works, etc. as society and population grow.

Squid and Octopus Export: The first warm sunlight after gloomy days

According to the Vietnam Seafood Association (Vasep), Vietnam's squid and octopus exports would reach 537 million USD by the end of October 2023, a 15% decrease from the same period last year. Only March experienced positive growth of 37% compared to the same time in 2022 over the first ten months of the year.
The top five main markets, specifically the United States, imported 16 million USD, down 32% over the same period; China and Thailand, with 52 million USD each, also decreased 10%; and 60 million USD, ranked second is Japan with 129 million USD, down 8%; and Korea, with 197 million USD, down 11% over the same period as last year.

The good news is that the squid and octopus export scenario was in November - a glimmer of light after a series of bleak days - with a number of 69,479 USD, a rise of 2.7%, signifying a daybreak for the situation. Squid and octopus are exported.
We can understand the problems of the seafood business in general, and our country's squid and octopus industry in particular, from the above data, but Let's hope that November's increase is a harbinger of a better future. A prosperous future awaits you.
Seeing the difficulties and obstacles in the country's squid and octopus processing and export industry, Truong Thinh Construction Investment and Trading Joint Stock Company continues to conduct research to find the most effective solutions, most effective for seafood processing additives, to improve the quality of squid and octopus products. Truong Thinh recently launched two new products, Food Additives, Additives Seafood Processing Altesa ABC1 and Altesa ABC2D, with specialized uses for squid, octopus, and cephalopod molluscs to reduce viscosity, beautiful color, and prevent dehydration during storage, defrosting, and processing.Particularly from Europe, with world-class quality assurance, meeting and completely complying with current EC, FCC, and JECFA food additive laws. Meets the food safety regulations of the majority of nations across the world.

Altesa ABC1 food additivee 

Altesa ABC2D food additivee 

Truong Thinh always interacts proactively, grasps client wants, and properly knows the conditions of seafood enterprises, knowing their consumers so they can always develop and diversify goods. Truong Thinh now distributes over 30 different food additives and seafood processing additives, always prepared to suit a wide range of consumer demands and preferences. When you visit Truong Thinh, you will not only see the genuine worth of a product, but you will also receive passionate attention and assistance from a team of technicians. We constantly look forward to long-term engagement with all clients and partners in order to grow together and achieve tremendous success.