Here are some frequently asked questions and their respective answers. If you have any other questions regarding our products and services, please send your inquiries to info@truongthinhcorp.com.vn.
Thank you.
1. What is the process of working with Truong Thinh company?
When you invest in the construction of Truong Thinh, you will work with the following process:
Step 1: Receive information from the Investor Step 2: Prepare the basic design plan, dissect the volume and quote the construction price.   
Step 3: Adjust the construction design plan at the request of the Investor, negotiate the contract and sign the construction contract.
Step 4: Construction, construction and supervision.
Step 5: Completing construction, conducting acceptance test and handing over the work.
2. Process of designing and constructing pre-engineered steel buildings and workshops?
3. How long is the design and construction time?
4. What is Tom Yum?
5. What are the common seafood processing additives?
6. How long is the design and construction time?
7. Tom Yum seasoning product, where does it come from?
8. What additives does Truong Thinh Company include?
9. Will Truong Thinh Company, when construction is completed, maintain and repair if there are problems? If yes, how long is the warranty period?
10. What ingredients can Tom Yum cook with?