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Site Binh Dinh Province
Scale 2000 m2
Item Construction
Time 2012

Construction of cement silo of Vicem Hai Van factory, Binh Dinh province.

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Dark'Tih Hydropower Plant is a project invested by Construction Corporation 1 (CC1) in Gia Nghia town, Dak Nong province, with a total investment of over 5,000 billion VND.
Technical scale of the Project:
- Dark'tih hydropower project is exploited according to the scheme of 2 levels (Upstairs and Lower Levels) including 02 units H1 & H2 belonging to the Upper Tier plant with a capacity of 41MW each and 02 H3 & H2 units. H4 belongs to the Lower Tier factory with a capacity of 31MW each.
- Truong Thinh Investment Construction & Trading Joint Stock Company is the construction unit of the items: Lower level factory, upper level spillway, distribution station, part of culvert and operating road...


Pre-engineered steel buildings are houses made of steel structures, fabricated and installed according to pre-specified architectural and technical drawings. The process of making the finished product (with a combination of inspection and quality control steps) goes through 3 main stages:

- Design

- Components processing

- Installation at the site.

The entire steel structure can be produced synchronously and then delivered to the construction site in a relatively short time.

If a project needs cost savings, fast erection, absolute quality control and sustainability, pre-engineered steel buildings are the best choice.

Produce and process the metal structure according to standard or non-standard

With the factory area 25,000 m2 and modern technology including:

- 3 in 1 horizontal welding machine
- King post welding machine
- CNC 3D welding machine
- Shot blasting machine

We can definitely produce the steel structure according to standard or non-standard


Truong Thinh participated in the construction of 05 bidding packages, the workload includes concreting the soil canal system and renovating and renovating the operating road along the canal. Grade 1 red gravel road in Duong Minh Chau district. Road along the canal side of grade 1 before construction of road surface structure.

Level 1 water canal system and operating roads on both sides of the canal of Tay Ninh PMU oil irrigation system.
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