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Sao Mai Resort Project – A shining pearl among the mountains and forests of Thanh Hoa province.

Sao Mai Resort – An international - class resort located in the west of Thanh Hoa province invested by Sao Mai Group on a total area of more than 53 hectares with an investment capital of nearly VND 1,500 bilion. It is a high-class ecological resort imbued with regional curture, friendly with the environment, owning the scenery “green mountains, charming blue water” of Thanh Hoa’s mountains and rivers. It is expected that when Sao Mai Resort is put into operation, it can serve 1,200 guests. With a gold location, only 10 km from Tho Xuan Airport, about 1 km from Lam Kinh Special National Monument; convenient when traveling by road and by airway, this place promises to be an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists.

Vietfish 2023 - A bright spot sowing the hope for Vietnam’s seafood industry

Recently, on August 23-25, Vietfish 2023 – Vietnam's largest seafood fair was held at SECC - Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center with a monumental and professional scale with the international level. This event gathered 220 exhibitors, more than 420 booths from 14 countries

Truong Thinh Corp introduces a new Company Profile

With the main color tone that is white, blue and red inspired by the brand logo, it is familiar but not old, creating a harmonious, elegant and modern combination, the layout arrangement goes from overview to specific details, all images are carefully selected from the marketing team during the time 2 months


As an international exhibition event, over 24 years, VIETFISH has been recognized as a prestigious high-quality trade channel, helping Vietnamese and international enterprises to connect, exchange business experience and open for new cooperation opportunities. Following the previous success, Vietfish 2023 exhibition will continuously be a professional, high-class one and converging all the elite of the Vietnamese and international seafood industry.

Truong Thinh Corp Tours 2019 - WE ARE ONE

This is also the occasion for the company to change its thanks, take care of the spiritual life, bring moments of rest and relaxation, dispel the fatigue and pressure of the work as well as to respond to the efforts and strive by all employees during the past built a common house Truong Thinh strong and growing.



Our delegation departed on the evening of July 11, 2019 at the Saigon station in the mood of everyone being excited and eager for a meaningful trip.


Over 8 hours passed, we went to Nha Trang station and ate buffet at Hai Au Hotel. Then move to Nha Trang vinpearl, where people can have fun, relax and experience new things.



Ending an extremely interesting day at Vinpearl Land is a music show. Our team left the vinpearl play area back to the Navy Hotel for a rest and free operation, exploring Nha Trang City.



Trong buổi sáng ngày thứ 2, Chúng tôi đến tắm bùn tại Tháp Bà, tại đây mọi người đều được thư giãn.



After that we moved to Binh Ba Island - Lobster Island and joined teambuilding at Binh Ba Beach, at this time everyone had the best playing moments, sticking together to become the winning team.







On the evening of July 14, our delegation returned to Saigon with a feeling of regret and regretful moments together, in our minds, the images of this trip were intact and brought laughter back to the common house. The school is prosperous to continue to work enthusiastically for work and to do its best for the company.


Once again, we would like to thank the Board of Directors for creating favorable conditions for our employees and brothers and sisters to organize a happy, united and meaningful holiday.

Team Marketing.