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2024 New Year Party - Welcome new spring and new achievements

Theo thông lệ hàng năm, buổi tiệc tân niên đã diễn ra giữa Ban lãnh đạo công ty và các anh chị em CBCNV khối văn phòng trong không khí đầu xuân năm mới đầy niềm vui và ấm cúng.

2023 Year end party of Truong Thinh Corp Family

The recent year-end party was not only a meeting and entertainment for all employees of the Truong Thinh family, but also an opportunity for us to look back at the events that took place in the past year. along with difficulties, challenges and many new opportunities, completed projects and proud successes, this is also an opportunity to talk about Truong Thinh's plans and intentions in 2024.

Announcement Of Tet Holiday

As Tet approaches and spring approaches, we are determined to trying our best to improve even more in order to provide the highest quality products and services to our Customers and Partners.

Squid and Octopus Export: The first warm sunlight after gloomy days

According to the Vietnam Seafood Association (Vasep), Vietnam's squid and octopus exports would reach 537 million USD by the end of October 2023, a 15% decrease from the same period last year.


The high-tech shrimp hatchery built in Hoa Thanh village, An Hai commune, Ninh Phuoc district, Ninh Thuan province includes 64 objects with a total construction area of nearly 13 hectares 

Steel structure painting process

Steel structure painting process consists of two stages:

1. Prepare texture surface

- For better coating, it is necessary to prepare a good texture surface. Includes cleaning rust, iron flakes and stains ...
- Want to clean stains on the surface of the structure can use the scraper table, wire brush. Then wipe it off with a brush or vacuum cleaner.
- Mass production structures using ball blasting, sand blasting to remove, In addition, it is also possible to quickly remove rust from the structure surface ... by using 15% photoric acid solution and heating to temperature 40-50%. After finishing rusting, rinse the surface with 1% photoric acid solution or warm water ... and dry them with a clean rag.

2. Primer
- Structures that have already been prepared must be primed for one day. To blame dust and show new riri.
- Structural primer for minium iron in oxon oil, 177 paint and alumina color. There are structures in the mining time, in outdoor locations such as steel bridges, radio towers, etc., primed with minium lead in natural paint marks.
- Structures together, the spoke unit is unpainted but coated with paint oil. Usually first cover the outside with cement milk and paint oil. Then switch to priming the texture of the structure.

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