1. How does the process with Truong Thinh company work?

When you invest in building Truong Thinh, you will work with the following process:

Step 1: Receive information from the Owner
Step 2: Prepare the basic design plan, extract the volume and quote the construction price.
Step 3: Adjust the construction design plan at the request of the Investor, negotiate a contract and sign a construction contract.
Step 4: Construction, construction and supervision.
Step 5: Complete construction, conduct acceptance and handover the project.

2. What is seafood processing additives?

As a mixture of chemicals that increase the water retention of fish muscle, improve color and help prolong the shelf life, including: Phosphates and Non-phosphate to help replenish water loss during storage, freezing, processing and improving the sensory value of the products.

3. The process of design and construction of factories, pre-engineered steel buildings?

The design and construction process is as follows:

- Design: Based on the requirements of customers, our company will up the preliminary architectural design drawings, cost estimates with the most reasonable price, the most competitive and sent to customers. When the Customer agrees to approve the design plan and the construction cost, we will carry out the next steps to implement the detailed design.
- Construction: after the contract is signed, we will carry out the processing of steel structures at the factory, construction of the factory foundation, erection of steel column frame of the factory, installation of roof purlins roofing, corrugated iron walls, factory foundation, installation of lighting equipment, epoxy paint, ... conducting acceptance and handover of works according to the standards issued by the State.

4. What is Tom Yum?

Tom yum or Tom yam (Lao: ຕົ້ມ ຍຳ [ɲam shrimp]; Thai: ต้มยำ [jam shrimp], pronounced in Vietnamese as "ma yam") is the name of the hot and sour soup featured in Thai cuisine. Lan, Laos. Tom yum ranks No. 8 in the top 50 most delicious and popular dishes in the world voted by CNN.

5. What types of seafood processing additives are popular?

There are 2 main additives used to work together to support each other during use.
- Phosphate additives
• A compound that helps products retain water well during processing and storage
• Helps muscle and meat firm to the structure and softness of muscles,
• Improve color and resist oxidation.
- Non-phosphate additives
• Is a phosphate-free food additive compound that offers diverse benefits in seafood and food processing technology.
• No residue and problem of P2O5 residue problem
• Able to help products retain water well
• Improve color and keep the product natural
There are also a number of support additives (Bleaching, ice plating ...)
Bleaching: Reducing the viscosity of the product, separating fat from the blood, helping to whiten muscle and better permeability.

Tape plating: Supporting the fastest grip process, keeping the tape cracked and reducing the cost of production ...

6. How long is the design and construction time?

Depending on the scale, area, construction location and construction conditions as well as the requirements of the Investor, ... we will give specific construction time.
Usually design and construction time is from 3-6 months.

7. Where did Tom Yum spice products come from?

Currently company We are the exclusive distributor of Spices TomYum Sutharos:
- Enter from Thailand.
- Manufacturer: Qplus Concept Co., LTD

8. Which additives does Truong Thinh Company include?

Currently Truong Thinh is distributing key products of NEWTECH brand, manufactured by Thinh Phat New Technology Company Limited. This product is being considered and trusted by most seafood processing companies. It is a set of 3 outstanding products: NEWTECH 19, NEWTECH 45, FOODTECH B. Besides, it is indispensable. 3 EVEREST: EVEREST 54, EVEREST 45, EVEREST 81 also occupy equally.
In addition, Truong Thinh Company also directly imported some products from famous suppliers from Thailand such as: QUALIMAX, ZEAFORCE, MAXXI, BAZATECH ...

9. When Truong Thinh Company completed construction, will it be maintained and repaired if any problems occur? If yes, how long is the warranty period?

When construction is completed, the Company We always care about customers, maintenance and repair if problems occur. Warranty period within 12 months from the date of signing and acceptance of handover of works to the Investor.

10. What ingredients can TomYum combine with cooking?

TomYum Sutharos spices can be combined with ingredients such as seafood (shrimp, squid, octopus, clam, ...) or beef combined with mushrooms and served with vermicelli, noodles, vegetables as you like I need, water spinach, vegetables ...).